Lucretia Clemons

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What has been the general nature of your practice?
Current sitting judge appointed by Governor Wolf.
Why do you consider yourself qualified to be judge?
I believe that I am qualified to be judge because in addition to my expertise, I am steadfastly committed to ensuring equal access to the law for all. As an appointed judge, I have come to understand and fully appreciate the need for a qualified bench to ensure justice. Judges play an essential and generally unnoticed role in the everyday lives of the citizenry. If elected, I would improve the system of justice by helping to educate the public about the importance of the judiciary and the role citizens play in the justice system by serving as jurors.
What is it about our criminal justice system that inspires you?
As a sitting judge, am I inspired each day by the ability of people to change. As I often say to those who come before me, I can only offer you a chance to change your life but I cannot make you take it. Each time an individual takes hold of the chance and changes the direction of their life, I am inspired.
What about our current criminal justice system do you believe needs to be reformed?
One of the greatest issues for the justice system is ensuring equal access to the law for all. In poor communities, for example, the lack of access to lawyers creates a hurdle those in wealthier communities are less likely to face. Disparities such as these impede justice. A key way to improve access is through public outreach and education.
As a judge, what would your sentencing philosophy be?
My sentencing philosophy is simple. Ensure that the individual pays his debt to society and provide that individual with the means and measures to prevent recidivism. Studies show that the best way to reduce recidivism is through job training and education. I routinely have ordered individuals to attend educational classes and/or enroll in job training programs. If the individual has a mental health condition or is drug addicted, court-ordered treatment is also appropriate. Our entire community wins when those who were on the wrong path, get redirected and become productive citizens.
Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night thinking about a case and wishing you had handled something differently? If so, please describe one situation.
I have woken up in the middle of the night with thoughts about a brief or court appearance the following day. In fact, I have had some of my best ideas at 3:00 a.m.
Who are your role models and why?
My personal role model is my great-grandmother. She was a major influence in my life. She always stressed the importance of education because she was not allowed to get one. Arkansas, the state where my great-grandmother grew up, did not provide high school education for black girls during the great depression. As a result, my great-grandmother, who was a gifted student, began working as a domestic at the age of 14. My great-grandmother’s focus on education has made me the woman that I am today.
My judicial role model is the Honorable Clifford Scott Green. I had the honor of interning and clerking for Judge Green. In addition to being an outstanding judge, he was an even better person. I hope to honor his legacy by being elected to the Court of Common Pleas.
What is your favorite book, movie, or tv show of all time and why did it speak to you so much?
My favorite TV show of all time is The Golden Girls. I love the show because it is just plain funny.
Name a song that you were obsessed with as a teenager.
Thriller ~ Michael Jackson
What is you favorite number?
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