Leon Goodman

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What has been the general nature of your practice?
Litigation. I handle a mix. 1/3 of my practice is Adult Criminal, from capital murder to DUI, 1/3 is Mental Health Court, Civil commitments, and 1/3 of my practice is in Family Court, Juvenile Delinquency matters.
Why do you consider yourself qualified to be judge?
My integrity, compassion and experience. I have spent 23 years representing those with the least trust in a system that has at times been unfair. As a prosecutor, most of my victims were people with criminal records. I was able to get them justice when they were victimized. As a defense attorney I was able to free a man who had been wrongfully convicted and given a life sentence. Working with children, I have been able to teach them about the juvenile system, and help the majority of my clients leave with no record.
What is it about our criminal justice system that inspires you?
Compared to the rest of the world it is the most fair to common man. No matter who you are you have to right to challenge those in power, and with fair judges, the ability to win.
What about our current criminal justice system do you believe needs to be reformed?
Sentencing and at times uneven treatment. Implicit bias at times runs rampant. it must be confronted and stopped.
As a judge, what would your sentencing philosophy be?
Equal justice under the law without respect to a persons wealth or standing. What can I do as a judge to help this persons life improve so they will not be back.
Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night thinking about a case and wishing you had handled something differently? If so, please describe one situation.
I learned that to avoid this type of regret, you wake up and loose sleep before you try the case. You must make sure as an attorney you have done everything you can to represent your clinet.
Who are your role models and why?
Thurgood Marshall, and MLK. Both men who stood on principals, and were willing to die for what they believed.
What is your favorite book, movie, or tv show of all time and why did it speak to you so much?
I have too many to count. Reading is a way to see the world without leaving your room. Books that inspire me do so because they encourage me to see the world through different views. As for television, I would say Star Trek. it gave the example of a world where hate, fear and greed were replaced with the universal desire to better yourself.
Name a song that you were obsessed with as a teenager.
In the Air Tonight, and Fight the Power
What is you favorite number?
Anything with the number 7.
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